The Inn at Wild Rose Hall
A One of a Kind South Austin Event Venue

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many guest can The Inn at Wild Rose Hall accommodate?

            During March-November, our max guest count is 150. During December-February,our max guest count is 100.

Due to our experience since 2008, this is what we have determined works best for the space and in minimizing stress levels of our clients.

How many cars can your on site parking lot accommodate?

            We have parking for up to 100 cars in our on site lit parking lot.

Are shuttles allowed?

            Absolutely. They have been out here many times over the years.


How late can the music go?

            Outside music needs to be off no later than 11pm Friday & Saturday and no later than 10pm Sunday through Thursday.

Can I bring in a band?

            Since this is a former musicians home, absolutely. There are several areas where bands set up including in the great room, on the veranda, in the tented garden room or the upper deck area.

Do you have a house sound system?

            Yes, we have a house sound system that you can use with an iPod or laptop. It is mainly used during set up/hang out time and for the rehearsal dinner for full weekend clients. We do not have speakers out at the ceremony site or in the lawn. They are only in the great room and on the veranda.

We do highly recommend hiring a DJ/band as they will be able to help facilitate a fun & energetic event, from ceremony to reception.


Can I bring in my own alcohol?

            Yes, you can bring in your own alcohol but it is mandatory that you have a TABC certified bartender from a bartending company, caterer company or staffing company that is approved by WRH management

Do you require security?

            Yes, it is already rolled into our Weekend Package & Day Only pricing however it is $50/hr extra for the bare bones package & hourly rental.

Do you have an ice maker on site?

            No, we don’t however we have a freezer that you can stack small bags of ice in.

I have a friend who is TABC certified, can I hire them to be our bartender?

            I’m sorry but no. Due to the extreme liability alcohol adds to not only the venue but for you as the venue renter, the risk isn’t worth it. Friends are more likely to be put in a situation where they feel they can’t cut someone off and/or they are likely to drink with the guests which is against TABC law. This isn’t what you want since you really do not want your special day memories to be of a DWI accident of one of your guests.


Do you have twinkle lights?

            We have several of our larger trees wrapped with twinkle lights along with café lights strung throughout the lawn seating area, over the upper deck and by the on site animals. The veranda rafters are wrapped with twinkle lights also. There is no extra fee to have these lights on for your event.

Is extra lighting needed?

            It’s not absolutely needed but is welcome to be brought in as long as the lighting vendor is approved by WRH management.